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Q: What study material is available?

A: Study material beyond your textbooks includes the CSW Test Detail document which outlines categories and sub-categories that may be tested on the exams. Also available are the sponsoring agency's candidate guides and the CSW Practice Exam. The candidate guide information is included during the periodontal portion of the exam. The Practice Exam is only designed to help you learn how to navigate the exam and is not a true representation of questions asked on the exam.

Q: What is an eligibility number and when/where do I get it?

A: An eligibility number is a unique 10 digit number that is created by your sponsoring test agency that registers you to schedule your exam with Pearson VUE. The eligibility number is sent via mail OR email after you have completed your clinical exam application. The eligibility number is very important to have on hand when contacting Pearson VUE to schedule your exam or when contacting your sponsoring agency or CSW. We recommend you include your eligibility number when emailing or leaving a voice message.

Q: How come I did not receive my practice exam Welcome email?

A: There are a variety of reasons you may not have received your practice exam welcome email. The most common reason is that the email ends up in the “spam” or “junk” folder of your email program. Check there to confirm you have not received an email from ExamStudio Support [support@examstudio.com] with “Welcome” in the subject. The next most common reason for not receiving your Welcome email is that the email address provided is not the primary email address that is used. Make sure you confirm the email address you provided to the agency when you registered is correct and is your primary email address.

Q: Can I get my Welcome email resent?

A. Yes you can! If you have not taken the practice exam, we can resend your original Welcome email. Just visit our contacts page for information on contacting us to request the Welcome email be resent.

Q: When I try to access the practice exam, why do I get a
message that says I have no exams available.

A. All candidates are only eligible to take the practice exam during their eligibility dates as assigned by the sponsoring testing agency. If you try to access the practice exam prior to your eligibility start date, you will receive the error message above.