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CSW provides each candidate with the opportunity to review a online interactive demonstration (a practice exam). The intent of the practice exam is to allow candidates to become familiar with navigating the prosthodontic and periodontal exam. It is not designed as a study guide or to offer information about exam content.

Shortly after you register with an agency you will be assigned an eligibility open and close date and a 10 digit eligibility number. That date and number are simultaneously sent to you, the candidate, and to CSW. Once CSW receives your information, we register you for the practice exam. Once registered, you will receive a Welcome email from Exam Studio Support with information about the practice exam. The email also contains your login information. Although you may receive this email prior to your eligibility start date, you can only access the practice exam during your eligibility dates.

You can however, verify your computer is capable of running the practice exam before your eligibility begins. This may save time updating your computer or searching for another computer to use should your system not meet the requirements. To confirm your computer meets the required specifications visit:

Select For a Test With 3D Simulations. This describes what software and hardware you will need in order to use the online practice exam.

This is a much more detailed guide describing what your system needs for running the practice exam and it describes how to update your system if necessary.

This link will run a system check to confirm your system meets the requirements and if not, helps guide you through the update process.

Additionally, you will need to have access to a hi-speed connection. Although most modern computers have the hardware necessary to run the practice exam, occasionally some do not. If you computer does not have the hardware necessary, you can upgrade your hardware or access the practice exam through another computer. CSW recommends you determine whether or not your computer meets the specifications prior to accessing the practice exam. Once you enter the practice exam, you cannot exit and return. If you have any questions about the practice exam, please visit our contact page and send us a message. We will respond within 24 hours.